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    Corrugated metal culvert, Corrugated metal pipe,Corrugated metal Pipe culvert manufacturers China
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    Corrugation 68mm x 13mm

    Corrugation 76mm x 25mm

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    Corrugation 68mm x 13mm

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    Corrugation 68mm x 13mm

     Characteristic of galvanized steel helical Corrugated Pipe Culvert

    Pipe diameter: 300-2500mm
    Length: 1-12m
    Thickness: 1.6-3.2mm
    High strength
    It with more than 1.5 times compression strength than the concrete pipe because of the corrugation structure
    Easy for transport
    The weight of the corrugated steel pipe is only 1/10~1/5 of same size concrete pipe, even can be carried by people without machine.
    Install in shorter time
    The steel corrugated culvert is connect by clamping band or flange, and the length can be make according to the customers&rsquo; request, then easy to install, and can be installed in shorter time.
    Long service life:
    The steel corrugated culvert pipe adopt 300-600g/m2 galvanization steel plate, normally its servise life is 50-100 years, if in the strong corrosion environment, painting asphalt on the in and out surface of the pipe, can enlong 20-50 years based on the normal service life.
    The standard length is 6m, simple connection, shorter working time. Because it is light, easy for transport, with few foundation construction, lower fee on drain pipe. For example, we make comparison on steel corrugated culvert pipe and concrete pipe in diameter 800mm, corrugated steel culvert pipe is only need about 90% if concrete pipe fee, and it can save cost of forklift, crane, and other machines when the transport is not good.
    Cross section shape and size of galvanized steel helical corrugated culvert pipe
    Normally, the cross section is round shape, corrugation is 68X13mm, 125X25mm
    Application of helical corrugated steel culvert pipe
    The helical corrugated steel culvert pipe is used in municipal drainage,building outside drainage, farm drainage, industry drain system, also adopt in road and railway closed conduit or culvert, shell of vertical pile, rain water collection, etc
    Drainage: domestic sewage, golf course drain, underground garage, factory drain, factory, airport water drain.
    Culvert: drain-pipe under the road, higher cross drain-pipe, underground culvert of railway, small tunnel, closed conduit, small bridge.
    Protection shell: underground communication cable, protection pipe for gas pipe, also can be adopted on construction site, and protection shed, etc
    Industry: air conduit for gas in coal mine (negative pressure)
    Farm: driven well wall for farm, invert siphon for irrigation,  farm water drain.
    Corrugated culvert pipe is treatment by galvanized steel belt spiral seaming joint
    The diameter is smaller than 1m, adopt corrugation 68X13mm, each section standard length is 6m, diameter is bigger than 1m,adopt corrugation 125X25mm, each section standard length is 6m, and can make difference size as per clients&rsquo; request&plusmn;&plusmn;&plusmn;&plusmn;
    Corrugated culvert pipe connection by two or more pieces of clamping band or flange, inlay PE plate or sealant or rubber gasket, fasten by high strength bolts.
    The steel plate is DX52D or SGHC, chemical and mechanical property should be accord with EN10327 or JIS G 3302-2010, steel plate size tolerance should be accord with GB/T-709
    Clamping band and angle steel material is Q235, chemical and mechanical property should be accord with GB/T700
    Clamping band or angle steel fastener need to adopt high strength bolts, nuts, the grand should be or higher than 8.8, its property should be accord with GB/T1231
    Corrugated pipe adopt hot galvanized steel belt for forming, or after forming then hot galvanization treatment.
    Clean, smooth, and the zinc coating uniformity.
    Clamping band request
    Connect pipe sections by clamping band, keep the pipe sections point at pipe sections, prevent separate, the bottom permeate or the filling back material permeate.
    Drawing 3  classic clamping band system
    When assemble the clamping band, lap over connect to each pipe section equally.
    When fastening, the length and width of the part which over lap to the pipe have to can bearing the tightening force.
    When assemble the clamp band, make sure the gap between two pipe section can be more than 25mm.
    Clamp band width is 440mm
    (remarks: normally, the clamp band is two pieces, for the big diameter, maybe need 3 pieces or more)
    Angle steel connection request 
    Angle steel adopt Q235 steel
    Flange is made by bending the angle steel, manual electric-arc welding and drilling holes.
    Corrugated pipe welding angle steel flange adopt manual electric-arc welding.
    Corrugated pipe both end welding flange.
    Inner diameter is 1m or smaller than 1m, the pipe flange edge is in length 56mm, thickness 6mm equal-sided angle steel, other flange adopt in edge length 70mm, thickness 6mm equal-sided angle steel, for the big pressure, adopte width 70mm, thickness 6mm flat steel.
    After welding flange, the inside and outside welding seam painting Dacromet under normal temperature.
    wall thickness
               min:0.3m  max:43m

               Min:0.3m  Max:58m

               Min:0.3m  Max:61m

               Min:0.3m  Max:61m
               Min:0.3m  Max:35m

               Min:0.3m  Max:53m

               Min:0.3m  Max:53m

               Min:0.3m  Max:57m
               Min:0.3m  Max:31m

               Min:0.3m  Max:46m

               Min:0.3m  Max:50m

               Min:0.3m  Max:50m
               Min:0.3m  Max:25m

               Min:0.3m  Max:36m

               Min:0.3m  Max:38m

               Min:0.3m  Max:38m
               Min:0.5m  Max:18m

               Min:0.5m  Max:29m

               Min:0.5m  Max:32m

               Min:0.5m  Max:32m

               Min:0.5m  Max:32m
               Min:0.5m  Max:28m

               Min:0.5m  Max:30m

               Min:0.5m  Max:30m

               Min:0.5m  Max:30m
               Min:0.5m  Max:23m

               Min:0.5m  Max:25m

               Min:0.5m  Max:25m

               Min:0.5m  Max:25m
               Min:0.5m  Max:16m

               Min:0.5m  Max:18m

               Min:0.5m  Max:30m

               Min:0.5m  Max:32m
               Min:0.5m  Max:20m

               Min:0.5m  Max:24m

               Min:0.5m  Max:28m

               Min:0.5m  Max:30m
               Min:0.5m  Max:18m

               Min:0.5m  Max:22m

               Min:0.5m  Max:28m

               Min:0.5m  Max:30m
               1.the data of sheet means depth of fill, named min and max;
               2.different diameter, thickness,length and other size are available, accroding to your requirement.


    Corrugated metal culvert, Corrugated metal pipe,Corrugated metal Pipe culvert manufacturers China
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