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    Corrugated metal culvert, Corrugated metal pipe,Corrugated metal Pipe culvert manufacturers China
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    Corrugation 68mm x 13mm

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    Corrugated Steel Utility Tunnel
    Utility tunnel is the construction of urban underground used to accommodate two types of urban engineering pipeline and ancillary facilities.
    major component
    4 water: water supply, rainwater, sewage, reclaimed water
    2 gas: gas, heating
    2 electricity: strong, weak electricity
    7 facilities: fire, power supply, lighting, monitoring, Ventilation, drainage, marking
    6 ports: entrances, exits, hoisting, Air inlet, air outlet, branch
    Application status at home and abroad
    In developed countries, the utility tunnel has existed for more than a century.
    As early as 1833, Paris, Britain, London, Hamburg, Germany and other European cities have built underground utility tunnel. In 1933, the former Soviet union   built underground utility tunnel in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Lenin. 1953 in Madrid, the construction of the underground utility tunnel.
    Others such as Barcelona, Stockholm, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Lyon, Oslo and other cities, have built a more complete underground utility tunnel system.
    At present, only Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shijiazhuang,, Rizhao, Suzhou, Shenyang and other cities have built a utility tunnel, according to incomplete statistics, the national construction mileage of about 800 km
    Utility tunnel has been upgraded to the national strategy, the future development of the speed will be greatly accelerated
    Steel utility tunnel as a new structure, with its unique characteristics, in the construction of the utility tunnel, will also play an important role
    Steel utility tunnel definition
    A the thin steel plate after cold bending forming, as the main force structure, in underground cities for laying electric power, telecommunications, radio and television, water supply, drainage, heating, gas concentration of municipal pipelines of public space structure.
    Corrugated metal culvert, Corrugated metal pipe,Corrugated metal Pipe culvert manufacturers China
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